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About us

BRM AERO s.r.o. is a family company that focuses primarily on individual orders. The company is able to build and realize all kinds of modifications according to customers requirements. Each customer can get a unique specimen of the airplane that best suits his needs. One of the top priorities of BRM AERO is the emphasis on innovation and continuous development of manufactured aircrafts. The company also offers advice on choosing a suitable dashboard for the intended use of the airplane, as well as a suitable combination of engine and propeller. For all Bristell aircrafts the standard warranty and post-warranty service is provided to customers, including repairs and all kinds modifications.

BRISTELL / Ing. Milan Bříštěla

Ing. Milan Bříštěla

Milan Bristela is a Founder and a Chief Executive Officer of the BRM AERO s.r.o. company. The main company aim is developing, producing and selling ultralight and light sport aircrafts.

Milan graduated in the subject of aircraft construction and aircraft producing on the Military Academy of Antonin Zapotocky in Brno. He has been in aviation industry since 1983, in this year he graduated the university. During 26 years he has been collecting experiences not only in the field of aircraft construction and aircraft design but also marketing and international trade. Milan founded BRM AERO s.r.o. in 2009 with a simple but ambitious goal – to develop the best aircraft in the world in its category. The development and production of the first airplane he began in rented spaces together with his son Martin, who is an integral part of the company today. After the successful certification of the first Bristell prototype OKQAR25 he has developed cooperation with a network of distributors for selected foreign territories. The company began selling the first version of Bristell Classic in 2011, a fixed-gear aircraft. In 2012 Milan developed a Bristell RG retractable gear aircraft and in the following year Bristell TDO, aircraft with a spur gear. The growing production was oved to its own production facilities after 5 years. Production capacity was more than doubled over the next two years.

In the development of Bristell aircraft, Milan has fulfilled these essential requirements: safety, ergonomics, excellent flight characteristics and timeless design. Bristell airplanes are designed with increased rigid cockpit to ensure maximum crew safety. In the basic equipment each customer can also order a rescue system. The correct ergonomics of the cockpit ensure the comfort and minimal pilot fatigue during a longer flight. Very good flight characteristics will be appreciated by both beginner and experienced pilots. Bristell aircrafts are not tricky in flight. They are designed to forgive potential pilots´ mistakes, eliminate any inconvenient situation and, on the contrary, bring their owners a perfect flying experience. The overal design and aesthetics of the airplane are based on simple, very elegant curves that underline the overal aerodynamic shape of the Bristell aircrafts.

BRISTELL / Martin Bříštěla

Martin Bříštěla

Milan´s son Martin is a main pilot and a partner at BRM AERO Company. He and his father participated in the creation of the whole company in the autumn of 2009. Martin has knowledges of automotive mechanics which he can draw until today. The UL pilot license was acquired in 2012 and a year later it was extended to a PPL license. Rich experiences and observations he gained as a pilot are a valuable feedback for further development and the best design solution of Bristell Aircraft. Martin has a very close relationship with all foreign distributors or customers who visit the company during Bristell service checking.

BRISTELL / About us

Our team

BRM AERO started in 2009 with two employees. Over the course of several years the team has grown to more than 50 employees. The vision to produce luxury high quality airplanes carries high demands. Choosing the right people is one of the main priorities of the company. Every single person is an indispensable link to the whole chain thanks to this Bristells aircrafts are creating. We want our people to do the best work and we offer them the best working conditions to make our employees feel good. Our own manufacturing facilities situated right in the airport area are the best facilities not only for our employees but also for customers and business partners all around the world.